Some new boards

These boards are available. Just contact us at [email protected]

None of these are regulars on our site but are always available at the Farmers Markets or by contacting us.

This is a lovely 11″ round x 1.75″ (TRBB) Two Rivers Butcher Block Red (Padauk)

These next two are TRBB Maple and Cherry 12 x 18 x 1.75 both with handles.

This is a 12 x 18 x 1.75 TRBB Maple and Walnut with handles.

This is a 12 x 18 x 1.75 TRBB Red with handles.

And last but certainly not least for today is this 12″ round x 1.75″ thich Maple board. These 1.75″ thick boards came about when one day I had some extra wood and glued one up. I brought it to the Farmers Market and it got a lot of interest before a lady purchased it. I’ve made a lot more in maple, cherry, walnut, maple and cherry, maple and walnut, cherry and walnut and TRBB varities and they are in higher demand than the 2.25″ thickness round boards. So, here is one:

Was trying to come up with a catchy title for this post…….

But I gave up. How about a picture in stead-

That is a lovely maple and cherry with finger grooves 12 x 18 x 1 3/4 end grain butcher block cutting board. I have several available that I will be finishing this weekend. (I’m typing this on an iPad and have yet to figure how to enlarge the picture.) I’ll put up another post later with some larger pictures and some nice boards.

We were supposed to have attended the One Of A Kind show at the Merchandise Mart last weekend but it was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. This pandemic is also putting a hurting on farmers markets this year. From what I’ve learned, farmers markets are changing this year from social gathering events to in and out events. That means that at least at the beginning of the season the markets are going to expect you to get there, alone, no family or friends with you, point to what you want at your favorite farmers booth pay, no cash please, move on and head home. All you’ll be able to find are vegetable and fruit growers with some other food sellers. As the season draws on the market managers will have the ability to have other vendors to the markets but, no handling of the merchandise thank you. Strictly hands off, look, point, buy. Ugh.

Let’s hope this pandemic quickly goes away and things get back to normal.

It doesn’t seem as though we’ll be at any farmers markets for a bit due to the new rules so I am going to put another section up on the website where we’ll offer up these types of boards that I’ve offered exclusively at shows and markets. Have patience, I have some really good pictures by a really good photographer but the guy doing the web page should probably be using paper and crayons. (Me).