A lesson in practicing what you preach.

On Christmas Eve we cooked a wonderful roast. I sharpened my carving knife, my wife took out the first cherry end grain board I made for her, this is the one that she set on fire and then ran through the dishwasher. I strongly recommend that you do not set your board on fire or run it through the dishwasher. But I digress, I carved the roast and we had a nice meal. We cleaned up the kitchen a bit but the dishwasher was full and It’s A Wonderful Life  was about to come on. So we grabbed a cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie and watched. My wife asked about finishing the kitchen and I asked to just leave it until morning. The board was one of the items needing to be cleaned up, I was tired.

As I went to the kitchen in the morning to make some coffee I noticed that Santa made his annual stop at my house. I got the coffee started and looked to my right. The board was sitting where I left it on the counter but there was a crack starting to run through it. I moved the board and saw water and some run off from the roast under it. As I have preached to everyone who has bought one of our boards, don’t let it sit flat after it’s been cleaned, water will get sucked up into the wood and it will split in two. Now I have to add to be sure to not leave it laying flat after using it and you’re tired and will just finish it in the morning.

Guess I’m going to make her a new one.