Two Rivers Butcher Block End-Grain Cutting Boards

Handcrafted in our woodshop just outside of Chicago, we make Two Rivers Butcher Block™ end-grain cutting boards one board at a time. Crafted to ensure a high quality, structurally sound board; each preserves the inherent beauty of the wood from which it is constructed. Two Rivers boards will add warmth, elegance, and functionality to your kitchen.

We hand select our prime grade wood from a local supplier, with great care and consideration given to the distinctive grain patterns and natural colors of the woods. Each board is a unique work of art, sure to become a family treasure.

Two Rivers Butcher Block™ End-Grain Cutting Boards are meticulously sanded to give them a silky smooth finish – so silky you’ll forget they are wood. We apply our own blend of natural waxes and mineral oil to provide a long lasting and protective moisture barrier that enhances the board’s natural beauty.

Why do Chefs Choose End-Grain?

Ask any butcher or chef, and they’ll tell you that end-grain is the optimal surface for slicing, dicing, cutting, and chopping. End-grain boards allow a knife blade to pass between the wood fibers rather than severing them. This “self healing” property protects your cutlery from potential damage and dulling, while minimizing deep knife marks that damage your board and may harbor bacteria.

Exquisite End-Grain Cutting Boards